A bi-weekly message from Reverend Linda Farmer-Lewis.

Blog for June 18, 2019

We have this ministry.

Often, when we think of ministry, we think of work. We think about how hard it is, sometimes, to keep the ministry of the church going. We think of this denominationally in the challenging situation we find ourselves in. We think of this as a local church when we are in transition and wonder about the future. We think about this as individuals just trying to keep our own mission of living going. It can feel heavy.

Yet we hear the prophet Isaiah speak: ”Take my yoke upon me and learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” What if the task of ministry is, of itself, the very thing we need to keep going? What if what we really need is that sustained sense of purpose that gives our lives meaning in the midst of the challenges and changes we face?

Yes, thru it all, we have this ministry, and it saves us, from ourselves, from our fears and from despair. It is the ministry itself that becomes our saving grace. I hope that when I am 105 years old, in a wheelchair in a nursing home, I might still have a ministry to the person one chair over, or to the nurse on our ward, or to the visitor, a ministry that continues to inform my living and my loving and therefore gives life meaning and significance.

Whatever changes we endure, whatever happens to our church, we have this one sure thing, we have a ministry that nothing and no one can take from us, we know certainly, that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ, and that love will always be ours to share.

Thanks be to God who gives us this ministry of love together always!

Pastor, Linda Farmer-Lewis